Air Video is our popular video streaming software. 

Air Video HD is its successor, redesigned, rethought and rewritten from scratch.

Air Video HD has been written from the ground up, taking into account everything we've learned when working on Air Video. We've made numerous design and implementation decision in Air Video HD that were only possible because we started fresh.

Why a separate app?

There is no way to have conditional updates in app store. Air Video has a large user base, and many of our users are perfectly happy with current version and have no wish of having a completely new application forced on them. Additionally, Air Video HD requires iOS 6 (iOS 7 later), which means certain users would be unable to update completely and we wouldn't even be able to provide maintenance updates for them.

Is the server software (running on the computer) different for Air Video HD and Air VIdeo?

Air Video HD needs Air Video Server HD
Air Video needs Air Video Server

Air Video Server HD and Air Video Server can be running on same computer side-by-side.